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I’m Quinn Morris, a VFX Supervisor/Artist. My passion is working with creative people and collaborating on unique ideas to make visually fascinating projects.

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About Me

Quinn Morris

Currently I’m a student at ASU improving my skills and constantly looking for ways to gain experience in any way possible. I have over 7 years of experience in Post Production. Below are a few of the projects I’ve worked on. I am always eager for a new challenge am looking forwards to working with you.

Previous Projects

The Unknown

“The Unknown” was a fantastic student film I worked on during the Spring of 2023. It’s a 10-minute thriller brought to life my myself and many other talented student filmmakers. On this film I was both the editor and only VFX artist. This project greatly helped me develop the skills necessary to bring together a project with many moving parts.

System Booting

In collaboration with the talented team behind ‘System Booting’ I was both the VFX Supervisor and sole VFX artist during the production of this shot in Fall 2023. This experience honed my technical skills and allowed me to work in a genre that is uncommon among student films.

Passion Projects

In addition to the many student films I’ve worked on I’ve also completed a large amount of personal passion projects to test my skills and put myself into VFX scenarios that will challenge me and allow me to learn new techniques. With each project I’ve worked on I always feel as though I’ve learned something new.

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Visual effects is my passion and I love working on creative projects, but I also understand the importance of getting a boom mic or a wire out of that key shot. Anything you need from cleanup to visual effects I can help.